Make it Meaningful: The Art of Gift Giving

Jewelry contains the stories of our lives. We remember the person who gifted the jewels to us or who they used to belong to and the occasions we treated ourselves, celebrated and first wore them and how they make us feel.  These bits of shiny metal, sparkling stones and other beautiful materials become opportunities for storytelling and part of our legacy as beloved jewels, and they stories that go with them, are passed down through generations. The holiday season is just around the corner so rather than write the expected “what to buy” jewelry gift guide, I want to revive the art of gift giving and offer tips for how to give the perfect jewelry gift.

Every year I always receive frantic last-minute requests from customers, typically husbands and boyfriends (sorry fellas, but it's true), asking me to select jewelry pieces for their sweetheart in a specific price range because they have no idea what their loved one wants for the holidays, anniversary or birthday.  While I’m delighted to help out, no matter the occasion, I’ve found that meaningful and treasured gifts are determined by so much more than price.  Celebrating and honoring your beloved with a special gift from the heart should bring you great joy; not be something you stress out about or mindlessly check-off your to-do list. The following tips will help you play detective and find out what jewelry gifts your partner really wants, without them suspecting a thing, and make this year's holiday season (or the next birthday and anniversary) extra memorable.

 Photo credit: Julie Stanley/JuleImages LLC

Photo credit: Julie Stanley/JuleImages LLC

How to Pick the Perfect Jewelry Gift


1: Listen (put your phone away) and Listen Some More

Give your partner your full attention when you’re together.  We all want to be fully seen, fully heard, and feel valued, especially by those closest to us. Put your phones away (yes, away, not just face down on the table*) and truly listen to one another. Pay close attention to comments about the things they like and enjoy.  Does their face light up at the mention of certain topics or items?  That’s a good hint for what they would enjoy receiving as a gift.


2: Don’t Wait Until the Last-Minute

You should be just as excited to give your gift, as your loved one will be in receiving it. If you’re not excited about giving your jewelry gift then it’s probably the wrong gift for your beloved. Part of the joy of giving jewelry is in the search, so give yourself time to find a gift that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. The story of your search becomes part of your gift and your partner will feel deeply loved and valued knowing you listened and made the time to find them a truly special treasure. You’ll feel great sense of joy and pride knowing how happy your thoughtfulness and effort made them.


3: Emotional Significance

Well-crafted jewelry endures for generations. To me, the perfect jewelry gift is emotionally significant to both the giver and the receiver. Is there a particular gemstone or design style that is significant to the two of you? If so, then your favorite jeweler would love knowing those details and gladly help you in finding or custom designing the perfect gift.


4: Part of Something Bigger

Jewelry that supports the greater good is another way to add an extra layer of love to your gift.  Is there a non-profit or social cause that is special to you and your beloved? Every holiday season, I’m proud to donate 10% of each purchase (yes, purchase not just a portion of profits) to the Humane Society of Summit County Pawsibilities Shelter.  All of my fur-babies have come from Pawsibilities Shelter and fellow pet-parents love knowing that their jewelry purchases help abused and neglected animals get a second chance at having happy and loving homes.


5: Artful Wrapping

Presentation is everything.  Opening a gift can be just as fun and joyful as enjoying the gift itself.  Wrapping your gift in a unique way makes it extra special and adds an additional layer of love to the experience of giving and receiving.  


Thanks so much for being part of our jewelry community.  One of my goals for my journal articles is to help spread beauty and joy around the world, especially during the holiday season. So, if you’ve found this article helpful, please share it via whatever social media platforms you most enjoy (share buttons are below) or even via email if that’s easiest for you. Thanks again and happiest of holidays to you and your loved ones.

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*One of my favorite podcasts is Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields.  Episode “Good Life Jam: Just be Kind. Smart Phone Dumb Life” features new research on how having a silent smartphone within eyesight diminishes the quality of our conversations.  For those interested in reading the full study, here’s the link to the research.