Top 4 Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

As you prepare for your long-awaited vacation or next business trip the following tips will make packing jewelry for your upcoming adventure easier.  While cramming all of your favorite jewelry pieces into your luggage is appealing – hey, having lots of options is a good thing, right?  - there are safer and more efficient ways to travel with your jewelry treasures.  Who needs the stress of a tangled necklace, losing a favorite earring, or a special family heirloom getting damaged? I’m betting not you; so don’t leave your jewelry plans to the last-minute. Instead, review these helpful jewelry travel tips.

tips for traveling with jewelry


1: The Best Jewelry Pieces for Traveling

While you may look at every beloved piece in your jewelry box and think, “I might need that,” look again but with an editor’s eye.  What kind of environment are you visiting and what events will you be attending?  A big business meeting, a special trip abroad, fun road trips with friends, lazy days on the beach, and destination weddings all have different jewelry needs. A good rule of thumb to follow is to leave any items of great monetary or sentimental value at home unless they are absolutely essential for your outfit for a special event during your trip. 

Traveling is a great time for being creative with your accessories. A few versatile key pieces like stud, hoop and dangle earrings, a pendant and bracelet or two, and a watch will dress up the most basic travel outfits and help you feel polished and put together.

What about your ring finger?

Depending on your destination and itinerary it is best to leave your engagement ring and wedding band at home, especially if you’re heading for the great outdoors or traveling abroad.  Bridal sets and rings in general can easily get damaged during wilderness adventures or lost while swimming.  Flashy gemstones are also targets for people with bad intentions.  If you absolutely must have a ring on your finger, consider swapping your rings for a simple band that you wear just for travel.


2: Photography and Insurance

Photograph each jewelry item that you’ll be taking with you and save the images on both your phone and home computer.  This will help you keep track of the pieces you packed and come in handy if a jewelry item goes missing and you have to describe it to hotel staff or your insurance agent.

If you plan to travel with expensive jewelry this would also be a good time to check your jewelry insurance coverage.  Most homeowners and renters insurance policies have basic coverage for jewelry items and you can also buy separate insurance policies for more expensive jewelry pieces. Your insurance agent will be able to guide you on what policy and coverage level are best for your needs.


3: How to Pack Your Jewelry for Travel

Now that you’ve decided what jewelry pieces are going with you on your adventure the following options will help your jewels travel safely.

  • Jewelry travel case or jewelry roll:  If you travel often and want a handy way to keep your pieces organized and protected, a jewelry travel case or jewelry roll is a great investment.
  • Necklace and pearl folders: Protect larger statement pieces and pearl jewelry from scratches and tangles with a necklace or pearl folder.  These folders are available in different sizes and great for general storage and travel.
  • Jewelry pouches:  Earrings and pendants travel well in jewelry pouches.  Packing each earring in it’s own jewelry pouch is a great way to keep earrings from scratching one another while in your luggage.
  • Straws: There’s no need to waste precious time untangling delicate chain necklaces. Simply insert half of the necklace into a plastic drinking straw and hook the clasp together.  You can then place the necklace in your jewelry travel case/roll for extra protection.
  • Put your jewelry in your carry-on bag: It is never a good idea to pack jewelry in your checked luggage.  Dealing with lost luggage is terribly stressful and it would be even worse if your luggage containing your favorite jewelry goes missing.  Put your jewelry in your carry-on bag and make sure you are never separated from it. 


4: Securing Your Jewelry at Your Destination

Generally speaking the higher quality the hotel, the higher level of security available to you. While no security system is foolproof keeping your jewelry in your hotel room safe is a better option than hiding it in your luggage.  If you’re traveling with very expensive pieces and want even more security for them, the higher quality hotels may be able secure your jewelry in their main safe or reserve a safe-deposit box.  It’s a good idea to make these arrangements with hotel staff ahead of your trip so everything will be in place when you arrive. The hotel may charge a fee for this level of extra security but it’s a small price to pay for your peace of mind.


A Few Final Thoughts on Traveling with Jewelry

Whether traveling for work of pleasure, your jewelry should compliment and add glamour to your travel activities, not be a cause of worry or stress.  No matter what jewelry you choose to wear, always be aware of your surroundings and the reality that some very creative bad intentioned people make their living off of stealing from travelers and tourists. This may sound a little scary but it’s better to follow some basic precautions than allow fear to hold you back from experiencing the joy of travel. Following these tips will help you enjoy your jewelry for lifetime and wherever life’s adventures may take you. Bon voyage!