In the studio with Michelle Pajak-Reynolds

Creative Process as Sacred Act

"I've always been inspired by fashion, nature, and my travels around the world.  The elegant fabrics in a gown, the striking colors in an exotic flower, the mood of a place all greatly influence my work.

Designing for me is a sacred creative journey.  It starts with the raw materials, the weight of a gemstone in my hand, the sparkle of thousands of facets against the skin, the flash of light from polished precious metals.  With these materials, I create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that are unique and timeless.

Purely handmade pieces are rare in our modern world.  Every detail in my jewelry designs possesses a love and tradition of artisanal hand-craftsmanship found only in true couture.

When I design, I invite you to take a creative journey with me, to explore and be inspired by a sense of wonder and beauty.  And my hope is that you will want to take this journey with me again and again." - Michelle Pajak-Reynolds

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100% Handcrafted

Michelle Pajak-Reynolds handcrafts each piece of jewelry in her Ohio-based studio using traditional metalsmithing techniques; forging, soldering, hand-fabricating and finishing.  Each design is made with the highest quality recycled 14 karat and 18 karat gold and sterling silver sourced from US based suppliers.

Michelle is also a member of Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) and proudly abides by their code of ethics and standards.

Read more about how Michelle Pajak-Reynolds Studios is working towards reducing the environmental costs of jewelry manufacturing.

Gifts that Give

Michelle's creative space is also a welcoming place for furry friends and she's shared her studio with a menagerie of fur-babies over the years.  There's something special about adopting shelter animals and giving them loving forever homes.  The annual "Gifts that Give" campaign was born out of the desire to honor and make the world a better place for rescue animals.  Each year, 10% of sales (yes, actual sales, not just profits) from Thanksgiving Eve through December 31st is donated to Humane Society of Summit County - Pawsibilities Shelter, where Michelle has adopted her furry children.  This no-time-limit shelter provides much needed care and advocacy for the abused, neglected, and abandoned animals in Summit County, Ohio.